Nettle Bay, Lagoon side

This spot works perfectly with Southeastern to Southern sector, as clear, and Venturi effect with the hills of Cole Bay. With this sector there, count 3 or even 4 knots faster than everywhere else on the island.


  • Flat spot, 2-4 meters deep
  • Wind, often above Windguru's forecasts.
  • Secure, because the worst should be drifting on "Terres Basses", and at best there is a kite school who manages security of the waterbody, charging with a drink or two in case of rescue. The ideal is still to know riding upwind to sail on this spot.


  • With no real danger or reef below the surface, the lagoon is definitely the best place for kite surf with foil!
  • Taxi boat at 9:00am and 3:00pm

The easiest is to park on the "Flamboyant" Hotel's car park, and walk to the watersport (Jet ski, etc...).