WE offer kitesurfing classes ON THE 2 GREATEST SPOTS OF SINT MAARTEN, CUL DE SAC (to operate on Orient Bay) AND view point oyster pond close to le galion beach.

LESSONS EVERY LEVEL, kite rental, supervised sessions and foil discovery EVERY DAys

We offer semi private kiteboarding lessons in 2 different spots in St Maarten. For a better service, we only take 2 clients per instructor at the same time. Lessons last 2 hours on the water, with briefing before and after, 2 times a day from 9:00 in the morning to 5:00 in the afternoon.

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We offer courses for all levels:
- Discovery
- Restoring confidence
- Ride upwind
- Strap less
- Freestyle
- Foil
2 times a day, we propose semi private course , from 9am. We take only 2 people at the same time for more fun and safety. Classes last two hours on the water with briefing and debriefing .

How we conduct our kiteboarding lessons:

For a maximum efficacy, our lessons are based in open water. This provides more time in the water, and by the way, more time to learn. Launching is from our dinghy and we will follow you through your downwind. Then, using the dinghy we can bring you back to the starting point and make another downwind. This moment allows us some time to give you more instructions before your next kiteboarding sequence. Safety is our first concern, so our students are equipped with walkie-talkie and you are always connected to your instructor.

Open water courses allows wide space to practice without any disturbance with other kite boarders. This reduces beach incident, increase learning time and avoid contact with swimmers.

Kitesurfing at Cul De Sac 

After opening SXM Kiteschool Nettle Bay since 2010 we decided to open a second shop in 2015 on Cul de Sac. Objectif was to offer a different view of kiteboarding to our students. Reception is on the parking of Cul de Sac close to the dock to the ferry to Pinel Island. By boat we go in open water to Orient Bay (5min). This spot offer a very constant wind, safe and lot of space to progress as quickly as possible.

Kitesurfing at oyster pond (coralita) shallow water


Possible to book for a private kiteboarding lesson in shallow water. Excellent spot to practice the first exercices (control the kite, body dragging & first waterstart). You'll just have water up your hips,  that gives you a safe feeling.


Have a look on the movie how represent exactly the way we care of you.



  • With no real danger or reef below the surface, the lagoon is definitely the best place for kite surf with foil


This is how we work... Video of a kiteboarding lesson. Start with a briefing at Cul-de-Sac then first exercices to get a good control of the kite in open water at Orient Bay. Enjoy it!!!!

Acces: Just 5 minutes by car from Orient Bay. From the national 7, take Cul De Sac direction at the Hope Estate round about. Go straight ahead up to the car park front of the pier to go to Pinel Island.

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From the beginning, we are 100 % F-ONE which is a French brand from the south of France.

Each year we renew our equipment to always be on top!

- Kite

- Board

- Foil

- Harness

- Surf

- Paddle

Since 2015 we work with Neilpryde for everything personal equipment safety EC:

- Life Vest

- Helmet

- Harness panties

Our boat fleet is new, specially designed for kite and maintained regularly:

- 1 Caribe 20 ' 115hp

- 1 Caribe 15 " 50hp

On board we have an electric compressor !

Liquid force NV all you can enjoy

Departures from the norm and outside of the box thinking are what bring strides in next generation product development. The challenge with this philosophy of thinking and development is to retain all the special characteristics that 7 years of Envy development has achieved. We have reached a point where the Envy is one of the most user friendly, versatile, kites on the market.The 8th version of the Envy is now here.

Not only does the NV have a new name moniker, but also utilizes a complete new profile and airframe geometries.The most noticeable change is in the wingtip geometry. This drastic change has produced prolific improvements in kite input back to the rider, allowing the rider to focus on what is in front of them and not what is going on above them in the kite. Another benefit of this shape is reduction of wingtip flaring, allowing the kite to move faster through the wind window and reduce light wind back stalling. The leading edge diameter has become more tuned in shape by reducing the diameter in key areas. Reduction in LE shape adds in speed across the wind window and makes for a fluid turning radius. Support of the LE and canopy airframe has been improved over the past generations.

The NV V8 utilizes a new bridle schematic that includes a V load transfer connection. This connection eliminates canopy distortion and creates a more stable bridge of bridle connection points supporting the LE. The NV still retains its legendary stability, its easy to predict on/off feel and bombproof construction, while holding the position as one of the most versatile cross condition and riding style kites on the market. From pro freestyler, to wave seeker, or the weekend warrior, the NV will perform beyond expectations.

liquid force hifi for advanced:

A better performer, the Hifi is easier to send to the top of the window for the jumps and offers more hang time. The kite flies faster through the window during the loops, showing no decrease in speed before rushing back to the zenith. 

For unhooked riding, its stability and ability to fly close to the edge of the window enable a better pop with a progressive traction through the handle-pass moves.

Kitesurfing Spots:

Our kiteschool is located on two spots in St Martin. Next to your home, you can ride to the Eastern Bay on the northeast coast, or Nettle Bay located west of the island.